Orix bank card judging difficulty is slightly higher: examination passing standard salary 2 million yen ~

Opportunity seen in advertisements on the Internet also Orix Bank loans.
Actually actively doing publicity, but is relatively tight.
I’d tend to become examination fell and apply lightly.
This relatively streets review loans Bank Orix summarized why find it difficult and a clear pass criteria for more information.
Flow application procedure and the advantages and disadvantages of ★ Bank Orix “Orix Bank loans: procedure and necessary documents, enrollment verification” of the page.
• Orix Bank loans (basic information) real interest rate 1.7%~17.8% limit maximum 8 million yen review 2-3 working days account need for speed speed examination after the loan without borrowing decisions over a few days to check the details on the official website of note and Oryx Bank!
Orix Bank examination difficulty instead high interest rates: jumps in and try to access to the official website of Orix Bank loans easier to borrow a larger amount, however characters such as the interest rate is the lowest. ▲ Orix Bank official website, however, is the lowest level of the lower interest rates than “annual interest rate 1.
7 percent “only. In the maximum interest rate “17.
8% “has almost become a statutory maximum interest rates, consumer credit ‘promise’ and exactly the same thing I’m.
Than in Bank loans is from detail review of Bank Orix, is not sweet.
In the examination difficulty, and to be honest a little higher interest rates Wali also disagree on.
However as the unique benefits of caching in Bank Orix thing “from big amount offered easy”.
Anybody may basically Orix Bank loans are interest rates too much, without worrying about big limit is recommended for those who want to focus on.
It is likely that interest rates will continue to decrease, of course, the limit is larger, then the disadvantage of high interest rates that is. Examination of the relationship between Orix bank reference Orix bank card loan amount and interest rate is relatively tight: why say that bank Orix tough compared to other financial institutions and why, what would?
Focuses on specific data.
(1) Orix bank card users, let’s look at fairly high average income, price.com’s latest 50 data (1 January 2017) data from the user.Orix Bank actively promote loans.
For the many opportunities in the eyes of the people of course, should do is a wide range of application.
Even regardless of the users ‘ average annual salary is higher than the other, that it is not you can guess and tend to be from lower income to fall.
(2) users of the part-timers less = review social credit is the issue, according to the data on of user Bank Orix percentage of part-timers who are lower.
Difference between the high and somewhat compared to going to more scrutiny at Mizuho Bank and consumer finance “ACOM” is self-explanatory.
Considered a loan or to easy Street, the higher the percentage of part-timers, screening pass does not emphasize social credit.
It is not predictable and it’s difficult to review if a low percentage opposed to Orix Bank.
Also, nowhere in the official website of the Bank Orix “part-timers who can use” letter.
-Like most civil servants and office workers with a stable monthly income could pass inspection from the official website of Orix Bank loans is not zero, but welcomes Bank Orix.
By using a third-party loan, part-timers are more easy street review it looks good.
Judging difficulty help Orix Bank and other bank loans and interest rate comparison (3) minimum payment is 7,000 yen and Orix Bank somewhat higher minimum payment is 7,000 yen (when the loan balance 300000 yen).
Actually, monthly minimum payments have a deep relationship and examination difficulty.
“Monthly repayment of 10000 Yen” compared to the loan that requires the “monthly repayment of 2,000 yen” it’s easy to sign up for loans are set up for many people.
I’m say that permeate this welcomed is not high income as lower monthly minimum payment amount Bank = examination.
In total bank loans compared with minimum amount of 7,000 yen Bank Orix somewhat.
Here, let us place their minimum payments.
It is not able to repay 7,000 yen monthly at least and cannot go through examination of Bank Orix.
Guidance through the examination of Bank Orix 2 million yen a year to Orix Bank have done little scrutiny compared to other companies.
From here continue guessing the examination through a specific standard!Each examination difficulty difference is very good data, it reflects.
The Orix Bank examination difficulty as “Rakuten Bank and Mizuho Bank under” degrees, you can expect.
However, as Orix Bank you can see the data is Oita Mizuho Bank side.
You can pass in the examination of Mizuho Bank, Ltd. will most likely if you with these conditions for Office workers, civil servants or earn over 2 million yen, through examination of Bank Orix.
I’m relieved about the examination difficulty of reference Mizuho Bank loans, incomes less than 2 million using such as Rakuten Bank loans other loans.
(2) through the examination of Orix Bank loans for General summarized the condition through examination difficulty has been analyzed so far and the website terms and conditions than the examination Bank Orix.
Criteria guide screening ★ Orix Bank loans to pass, 20-year-old-and 68-year-old himself a steady monthly income (2 million yen a year-) and housewives are not available, although not strictly apply the condition itself in the financial black, with care.
To go through screening while also contracted the loans in the company of other people and have an unstable income every month, will require greater income.
Comparison of the examination difficulty of Bank cardronorix available to help housewives and other bank loans and interest rates “are concerned in the examination of the Bank Orix.
“Said and those who” examination to pass a possible low-interest loan you want to use “said comparison examination difficulty Orix Bank and other loans and interest rates for those who want to. Criteria reference card example interest ↑ high incomes more than 4 million yen is the main… 5 %~9. 8% earn over 2 million yen, or full-time employees and civil servants is key for one year. 0 %~14. 0% ★ Orix Bank loans 1. 7 %~17. 8% salary 2 million yen before and after is main target 9. 0 %~12. 475% (resona) 1. 8 %~14. Maximum 6% (Mitsubishi Tokyo) less than 10% (work safe) annual income less than 2 million and part-time possibilities for passing the examination is 1. 9 %~14. 5% (Rakuten Bank) 3. 8 %~13. 8% (ion) 4. 5 %~18. 0% (Lake) ↓ 1 million yen low salary and work possibilities for passing the examination and 3. 0 %~18. 0% (ACOM) 4. 5 %~18.
0% (AIFUL) limits will be less than 1 million yen, almost certainly applies maximum interest rate of each financial institution.プロミス 安芸郡海田町