Request the bank deposit mistake to set back? [Caching encyclopedia]

The come back wrong bank account be credited?
Is it wrong payee, payment amount and pay by bank transfer at the ATM is useful, but not sure. In this case, is that money will not come back?
And may have to think about people.
If can also gone wrong bank account and transfer the amount to the Bank to ask “set back” by a refund.
At the time noticed the mistake the Bank representative will contact soon. Once you have the wrong payment to a refund for?
Means that after once transfer procedures and Assembly back in the convenience of Bank clients, they withdraw it.
When asked to set-back to the Bank must be procedural.
Ask back combination to the Bank first asked the Bank (hereinafter referred to as the Bank).
Bank will ask back combination payee bank (hereinafter referred to as the Bank B).
Bank B to the wrong bank account, get back the combination of contact and confirm you are ready to initiate.
Afterwards, will be refunded the by account transfer request.
I understand the situation depends on the degree of difficulty the Commission is set back!
Is set back from A bank transfer request to Bank B must complete, in a relatively simple procedure can complete set-back.
It is, but if has been credited to the payee bank B the wrong recipients contact and consent is not available.
It’s time you send to the recipient’s account is transferred to the account holder has the right.
Is a potential set-back and fill out the “transfer money set back agreement” is the recipient, shall be submitted.
Also, when this procedure is done by mail is of course time consuming and must carry the foot contact the Bank referred.
In this case,-such as transportation costs, be borne by the recipient.
As a result, cases refuse to back the combination seems to be.
It is the banks prevents to proceed.
No guarantee can seek refund also denied the pair back to civil court if that takes time and money, you can recover the full is a reality.
When you pay by bank transfer to avoid such a situation, bank account and the account holder, payment amount, so try to pay close attention to.プロミス 十和田