And revolving | popularity ranking of low interest rates on consumer loans

“Revolving credit”, commonly known as “revolving” credit card payment method, various things.
“Lump sum payment” is to pay the maximum 57 while interest remains.
And is the “revolving credit”, commonly known as “revolving” to listen to next.
There is a word often heard, but in fact heck what payment methods, well know, that fact may be.
What is this “revolving credit” and “revolving” on Earth with what features and payment options?
Much clearer explanation of this “revolving credit (revolving)” while the difference between the payment method similar to the “installment” identified, we will discuss.
“Installment plan” is to reduce monthly payments but not limited to credit card payments, commonly found in other payment methods.
For example, shopped 240000 yen and three times, six times, 12 times, including count divided by the total monthly payment amount.
For example, set to pay 12 times and is paid from the month following the month 20000 yen each of you.
If the next month also made a large purchase of 120000 yen.
This time is also set to pay 12 times and cause 10000 yen each installment.
Split payment for the previous month 20000 Yen joined shopping this month for split payments: 10000 yen and subsequent payments monthly to 30000 yen each, that is.
This is installment.
Of course, interest rates will according to the number of split.
“Revolving credit (revolving) is available now, in contrast, limit, even if within a month how much shopping with monthly payments are always certain, that where installment and there is a big difference.
Is a lot of credit card payment, you know what I think.
Wisely, great shopping, hard lump-sum payment when the credit card if you can repay without too much difficulty “installments” and “revolving credit (revolving) would be useful.
So in the beginning, “installments” benefits on Earth, what is?
“Installment plan” that will set payments for great shopping.
So, it can “complete if payment of this shop are many times done payment standard.プロミス 小千谷