[Promise] stories and job hunting requires hard work and friendship. Make money! [Caching encyclopedia]

Mr. N (Tochigi Prefecture, 22-year-old male student College four years) in retrospect promise card loan experience above my student days, we can ensure minimum unit is bytes and circle activities putting out the spirit, in the
Students praised probably saw from the University was not may.
But, I could spend my life fulfilling and made many friends call friends thanks to the contacts and 頑張remasita in the sense of job hunting and reinvigorated with a friend.
Decided to focus company in Tokyo and is wanted by local businesses look for at the outset, but not too tightly, if I have a chance to submit your entry.
I’m wanted to visit on a day trip to Tokyo within walking distance so many times, but you want to live in anyway, I worked.
While we like the Hillbilly Heartthrob, is just, is.
From just the number of companies was uneven, that number of hits if you shoot just thought or did.
So’m I’d began to attack the Tokyo-based company, briefings and interviews done in Tokyo, will considerably takes time and money.
It only without leaving the waiter couldn’t shift change had either, and you to the Tokyo express one-way 1 hour and 2 hours by hours or days of the week since two bytes of the byte.
Byte quit if you are hired anyway, but I am, but considerably longer work, so it was done along with byte for byte, so it’s a pity.
Why lost income on the other hand, job hunting for various costs more and more dependent.
I’m advised me how to rent temporary loans, cut the rudder to local businesses continue to decrease rapidly in bytes has saved money because…, so job hunting linger as I still am? 愚痴ttara friends, I.
Him and to work in school, says the successful job hunting after also times can byte you can increase from repayment so you not will you borrow on loans now only don’t know if you should borrow.
Oh well, there is that kind of thinking I was the scales from the eyes.
If there is a so I had no thought of loans from bytes to a buy stance was.
But in the sense of a temporary lack of funds to compensate in such a way that’s also me a major concern.プロミス 京田辺